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“I Highly recommend Sound Sound Studios. Its a nice wee cottage and Hamish is a superb producer with a ton of patience, mad skills and some serious dedication. Recording there was a fun, relaxed, creative environment and we were able to be at our best there. Just generally pleased we decided to use Sound Sound really :D”

— Lepus Timidus, Tryptamines (Fit Like Records, worldwide Independent Music Award winner)

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Steven Healy, Firewall

“I’ve worked with engineers who were clearly just going through the motions for my hard earned cash. Not Hamish - he works with you, not for you, pushing you that little bit more to get the best out of you; there is a huge difference and the result is the lush sounds he helped us create. It’s a pleasure, not a chore when working with him. “

— Steven Healy, Firewall

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Alana Stirrat

“Recording at Sound Sound with Hamish was the first time I'd experienced recording live, in a professional setting and it was a complete joy. The space feels you are escaping reality and entering a new dimension... which was exactly what we were looking for. Hamish's attention to detail and relaxed attitude was the perfect energetic combination to make us feel at ease and like the essence of our sound was really being heard. I will definitely be returning again in the future. Legend. “

— Alana Stirrat, Triptych & Flo

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Archie Webbs

“Relaxed, High Quality, Affordable

When i first went to Sound Sound to record with Hamish i hadn't been rapping that long, not only did he produce a high quality finished product, he really helped me be a better artist with his advice and input during our recording sessions. This is why i keep coming back, the studio always feels comfortable to work in and the cottage itself with its artwork is a relaxed place all round, would definitely recommend to any artist wanting to record at an affordable price and still have the quality your songs deserve.”

— Lee Wilson, Archie Webbs

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Andy Borthwick

“My favourite place to record! Great quality, great knowledge and always get the finished article I wanted! Top equipment and relaxed atmosphere... Thanks again Hamish for helping with this number which is now available in all good stores ;)hahaha na but seriously Hamish ( Sound Sound) produced a song for me which is now selling all over the globe!!”

— Andy Borthwick, Darklight

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Colin Adams

“We took our first album "Life & Lessons To Be Learned" to be mixed by Sound Sound and from that moment on we had no hesitation where to go with our future recordings! We found not only a mixer/ producer of our work but a friend and collaborator who really bought into what we were trying to do. With a wealth of knowledge and experience at very reasonable rates the whole process was almost as much fun as recording it. We will hopefully be able to use the studio in future to make some recordings and continue our association with Sound Sound.”

— Colin Adams

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Tide Inside

“Friendly staff, flexible with time and procedures, and personal attention when it comes to "weird" stuff in rock bands, like synthy sounds, samples, fx and the like. 
Hamish took good care of us, especially in recording the drums and bass for my band, The Tide Inside, even though it took ages. Never a frown.

Totally advised!”

— Mario Picuet Devendrabanjaarl, The Tide Inside (Perdonare Records)

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“I’ve worked with Hamish on two projects and his commitment to creating high quality material is awesome. He has a great work ethic, I’d recommend him to anyone and I will certainly work with him again in future. He’s also very affordable.”

— Nash the rapper

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The Party Program

“Hey Hamish those sound brilliant :)
Thanks again with all the effort you put in we are very happy with the outcome.
hope to work with you again.”

”We’re really blown away at how much effort Hamish put in to getting us to sound as genuine as possible. Without him pushing us and giving input we don’t think the vocals would have sound anywhere near as good.”

— The Party Program

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“Sound Sound provided a professional, friendly atmosphere to our first recordings. It was clear to us that Hamish wasn’t focusing on the pay cheque at the end of the recording, he really wanted to make the songs the best they can be just as much as we did. Whether that be staying in the studio after hours or bringing ideas to the table for the benefit of the tracks. Sound Sound delivered. Not just in the studio too, we used Sound Sound for some live recordings and at a more than reasonable price we got bang for our buck. A live recording so professional it was used on our 1st EP.”

— Jakil

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