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Your art is important. The fact that you are here means you are taking it seriously.

Maybe you would like some help to bring it to the world, sounding as good as possible. I provide:

  • An attentive intuitive ear, focus & perspective throughout your project

  • A supportive constructive mentality, thriving on creative flow

  • Over 17 years experience

  • (Where appropriate) creative flair & insight that is hard to find

  • The top grade equipment required to make excellent productions

  • Acoustically optimised spaces

  • An idyllic stimulating setting

  • A finished result you are proud to play anywhere

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Judges  included Tom Waits, Amy Lee, Sepultura, Slayer, Dido, Sublime, The Kills, Alt J Suzanne Vega and more.

Judges included Tom Waits, Amy Lee, Sepultura, Slayer, Dido, Sublime, The Kills, Alt J Suzanne Vega and more.



Hamish Campbell (AKA Morphamish) is a versatile, dedicated, imaginative producer.

He has honed his craft since starting Sound Sound in 2002.

Bringing out the best in everyone is what it’s all about.

Acoustic, electric and electronic music all have their delights.

Hamish makes vivid, compelling mixes and masters that suit the unique needs of their music.

His productions receive regular airplay on 6Music, BBC R1, BBCScotland, BBC Introducing, SubFM, Resonance FM and many more.

He is equally committed when working with speech, helping create excellent content for Audible, Penguin Random House, BBC Radio 4, Maximum Fun Network and many more.

Brilliant brand new Scottish music
— Huw Stevens (BBC Radio)
One of the most inventive pieces of British hip hop that I’ve heard in a long long time
— Mary Ann Hobbes (BBC Radio)
Now here’s a producer that treats music as Picasso did paintings. Morphamish’s works seem similarly varied in terms of both style and subject matter, and he’s just as prolific.
— Massie (Boiler Room, Electrikal Sound System)
Electronic wizardry
— Rob Da Bank (BBC Radio)



Produced/Remixed/Mastered (alphabetically):

Bang On (Big Dada) ~ Barstool Preachers ~ Big Fat Panda ~ Bombskare ~ The Banana Sessions ~ Callum Easter ~ Caravan Club ~ Chris Lung ~ Claire Cairns ~ Colin Adams ~ Crystal Distortion (Spiral Tribe) ~ Cymbol ~ Danman ~ Darklight ~ Dave Tarrida ~ Dead On A Live Wire ~ Disposable ~ Don Fe ~ Edgar Road ~ Edinburgh Orchestra ~ Ege Bam Yasi ~ El Fata ~ Evil Blizzard ~ The Emotional Underground ~ Ferocious Dog ~ Fiona Soe Paing ~ Firewall ~ Fit Like Records ~ The Fire & I ~ Hardcore Wednesdays ~ Henry Cullen (Stiff Little Fingers) ~ The Gimme Gimme Gimmes ~ Ingen ~ Jackal Trades ~ Jane Titine Lavoix ~ Jealous Guy ~ Jerome Hill ~ Jim Threat ~ Junior Dread ~ The Jackals ~ Martin Metcalfe (The Filthy Tongues/ Goodbye Mr Mackenzie) ~ Max Splodge ~ Michael Garrett ~ Miracle Glass Company ~ Miss Represented ~ Mollie Mercer ~ Murray Man ~ Bammy (The Macc Lads) ~ Noise Annoys ~ Oak Note Theatre ~ Parly B ~ Paul Birken ~ Peter (The Test Tube Babies) ~ Philomusica ~ Picklish ~ Profisee ~ The Party Program ~ Riddim Tuffa Sound ~ Rio Fender ~ RIOT Radio Records ~ Robert Lee ~ Rompala Records ~ The Rascals ~ Scott Watson ~ Sea Bass Kid ~ Simon Thacker ~ Stanley Odd ~ Stenhouse African Choir ~ Stevie Creed ~ The Sesh ~ Taiwan MC ~ Texture (National Poetry Slam Champion) ~ This Is North ~ Tryptamines (IMA winner) ~ Tryptych & Flo ~ The Tide Inside ~ Volitantes ~ Warhead ~ Wattie (The Exploited)


Speech production includes (alphabetically):

ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation) ~ Abi Normal ~ Alice Fraser ~ Audible ~ BBC Radio 4 ~ B Dolan ~ Be Stupid With Vir Das ~ Bee Audio ~ Beef & Dairy Network Podcast ~ Benjamin Partridge ~ Brightside Studios ~ Brother Ali ~ Colonel John McMustard ~ David Reed (Inside The Comedian Podcast) ~ Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey ~ G4 Security ~ Gordy Duncan Junior ~ Historic Environment Scotland ~ Jan Ravens (Dead Ringers) ~ Leyla Josephine ~ Josie Long ~ Mark McGhee ~ Mark Watson ~ Maximum Fun Network ~ Mike McShane ~ National Galleries Scotland ~ National Museum Of Scotland ~ National Trust Of Scotland ~ Nick Offerman ~ Penguin Random House ~ Poppy Scotland ~ Portobello Book Festival ~ Sage Francis ~ Somethin’ Else Productions ~ Teria George (Lucy Lyrical) ~ Victoria McNulty ~ The Weather Digital ~ Weirdass Comedy ~ You Call That Radio?

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Sound Design, Soundtracks & Commissions


Beats Production & Composing Assistance


Audio Restoration

Audiobooks, Voiceovers, Podcasts, Plays & Poetry

Ensemble, Choir & Orchestra Recording

Band Gig Multi-Track Recording

Mobile Studio Recording


Live Band Promo Videos

in association with

Dance Performance Mixes & Medleys

Vocal Reels



  • Cosy comfortable cottage surrounded by trees

  • Idyllic creative atmosphere

  • 5 acoustically optimised spaces to suit any performing needs

  • Versatile combination of analogue warmth & hi-tech precision


  • Neumann TLM 103

  • AKG Solid Tube

  • Rode NT2

  • Rode NT2a

  • Golden Age Project Ribbon Microphone 140

  • MXL V57M

  • AKG C451EBs (matched pair)

  • AKG B330 DT

  • Red 5 Audio RV10

  • Beyerdynamic M69s

  • AKG Perception 150x4

  • Sennheiser MD421

  • Shure Beta 87a

  • Various Shure 58s, 58 betas and 57s

  • Various other Shure, Electrovoice and Audix mics

Desks, I/O, Computer Hardware & Software

  • Studio PC desktop - 64 bit 16GB RAM Intel Core i7-2600K CPU@3.40Ghz

  • Studio I/O - 2 Delta 1010s (giving 16 channel simultaneous I/O in studio)

  • Triple flat screen monitor display

  • Mobile studio laptop: 48GB RAM

  • Mobile studio/live sound I/O and desk: Mackie Onyx 1640 Firewire portable desk (for giving 18 channel simultaneous I/O on location, piped straight to laptop. Provides 6 auxes for monitors/fx)

  • Audiofire Echo soundcard for simpler recording projects requiring only 4 channels I/O

  • Cubase 10

  • Ableton Live 10

  • iZotope RX 7

  • Adobe suite

  • A comprehensive array of fx, dynamic and synth plugins

Signal Processing

  • Focusrite Octopre x2 preamps (16 channels simultaneous input)

  • Mackie Onyx 1640 (18 channels simultaneous input)

  • 2 Audient MiCO preamps

  • 2 circa '73 Neve pre-amps

  • TLA pre-amp

  • Focusrite trak master platinum

  • Bloo technologies compressor (LA2A)

  • FMR RNC1773 compressor

  • Ibanez DM2000 digital delay

  • Yamaha SPX MkII effects

  • Lexicon PCM70 digital effects processor

  • SPL Vitalizer Mk2

  • Drawmer LX20 dual compressor

  • Drawmer DF 320 dual noise filter

  • Drawmer DS201 dual gate

  • Audio Design Limiter

UAD-2 Satellite Quad: 

  • UA 610 B Tube Preamp and EQ

  • Oxford Inflator

  • Little Labs Voice Of God

  • Ampex ATR-102

  • Precision Enhancer Hz

  • Precision De-Esser

  • EL7 FATSO Jr

  • EL7 FATSO Sr

  • Precision Maximizer

  • Helios 69

  • Precision Equalizer

  • Precision Limiter

  • Teletronix LA-2A Legacy

  • UA 1176LN Legacy

  • UA 1176SE Legacy

  • Pultec-Pro Legacy

  • Fairchild 670 Legacy

  • Realverb-Pro

  • Pultec EQP-1A Legacy

  • CS-1

Instruments & Controllers

  • Yamaha Drum Kit

  • Ludwig Snare

  • Harmonium

  • Glockenspiel

  • Djembe

  • Assorted Percussion

  • Gretsch electric guitar

  • Ableton Push

  • Frontier Alphatrack

  • Akai APC 40 MKI

  • Akai APC 40 MKII

  • M-Audio 61 key midi controller keyboard

  • Various Midi Keyboards

  • Elektron Machine Drum

  • Technics 1210s with Allen & Heath Xone 42


  • Marshall 4x12 (Vintage with 4 Greenbacks)

  • Marshall 4x12 (1960a)

  • Marshall JCM800 model 2203

  • Trace Elliot Supertramp Twin


  • Mackie HR624 monitors

  • Yamaha NS10s monitors

  • Various hifi systems for multiple room additional mix portability checks

  • Phone emulation speaker for tiny speaker check

  • Mackie PA Speakers and Sub for Club soundsystem checks

  • Roland RH 200, Sennheiser HD 25s , Beyerdynamic, DT headphones

  • Various DB and Wharfedale stage monitors for live sound use






Sound Sound

Hamish Campbell

3 East Mains Holdings, Ingliston, Newbridge, Edinburgh EH28 8NQ

(at Split-Level Studios)

T +0131 235 2364


Free Parking

Open 7 days a week, evenings and weekends available on request.

Easy to get to :

  • Buses: 200, 300, 400

  • Tram (last stop before the airport)


Google Maps still gets confused trying to exactly find Sound Sound. Once you say the secret magic word though it appears (ie I send clear detailed photo directions to people who are coming to the studio for their first visit)