• High quality multi-track recording on location with my mobile studio setup

  • A separate live room for recording, piped through to a control room (where location allows)

  • Talk-back between the rooms and headphone mixes, as you would expect in a conventional studio

  • After the mobile recording, the final mixdown and mastering is completed at the acoustically optimized Sound Sound studio

Check out some of my work.

Simon Thacker's Svara-Kanti play Bhromor Koio Giya by Radharaman Dutta, reimagined by Simon Thacker. Simon Thacker: classical guitar Raju das Baul: voice, khamak and ghunur (ankle bells) Sarvar Sabri: tabla The latest incarnation of award winning Indo-Western ensemble Simon Thacker's-Svara-Kanti sees Scotland's visionary guitarist/composer reimagine the mystical Bengali Baul folk tradition, one of India's spiritually and musically richest forms, in a trio with Raju Das Baul, a mesmerising exponent from the Baul heartland of Santiniketan, and tabla master Sarvar Sabri.