The Gimme Gimme Gimmes


The Gimmes are "a punk rock 'tribute to a parody band" that only covers songs tenuously based on Scottish musicians, writers and performers. They have their tongue firmly in their cheek but seriously rock, with a mega mix approach to covers. Classic punk riffs and nods to other underground hooks are blended into their clever takes on classic well known songs.

They have been gigging like crazy this year up and down the uk. and around Europe.

Their album Combat Jock (Clash fans geddit!) also features a 2nd disc version with notable guest vocals from a multitude of famous legends.

Wattie BuchanThe ExploitedKen BonsallFerocious DogT.j. McFaullThe Bar Stool PreachersPeter And The Test Tube BabiesMax SplodgeBammy MaccLadThe Macc LadsPedro Stokowski, Mark Whiteside, Evil BlizzardJane Titine LaVoix WardHenry CluneyAve TsarionXSLFMartin MetcalfeThe Filthy TonguesJim ThreatJim Threat and the Vultures

I had a great time recording the band for the album, and mixing it with Gimme’s lead guitarist Gogo MacKimmie.

Album launch

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