I make high quality recordings of music in every style.

With a main live room, control room, vocal booth, and two alternative rooms for further amp mic'ing, we have plenty of options to suit your way of playing. 

All music recorded at Sound Sound is mixed and mastered as part of the service, unless you request otherwise.

We can also make recordings for use in your home studio projects.

Visit the audio examples page to hear samples of my work.


Your music is balanced in our acoustically optimised control room, so it translates well when played anywhere, instead of being mixed to compensate for any added room dynamics.

We can happily mix material recorded by other people as well.

You can be involved in the session or it can also be done remotely.

Visit the audio examples page to hear samples of our work.

studio mixdown.png



Good mastering can make all the difference to how your music is received.

The careful application of dynamic treatment to the final mix ensures a strength to the overall sound that separates a record from a demo.

Premium equipment, our acoustically optimised studio space, multiple speaker checks, and multiple listening room checks all help ensure that your material translates well when played anywhere, holding its own with your favourite music.

All music recorded by Sound Sound can be mastered as part of the service. 

Visit the audio examples page to hear samples of our work.

Mastering is also available for music recorded elsewhere, sessions can be attended or remote.

We provide any digital format, as well as CD master compilation, with track markers, track names and any segways desired.