We provide high quality multi-track recording on location with our mobile studio setup.

Where the location allows, we can set up a separate live room for recording, piped through to a control room for computer operation and monitoring. Talk-back between the rooms and headphone mixes are also provided, as you would expect in a conventional studio.

After the mobile recording, the final mixdown and mastering is done at the acoustically optimised Sound Sound studio to ensure your record is the best it can be.

Visit the audio examples page to hear samples of our work.

Simon Thacker's Svara-Kanti play Bhromor Koio Giya by Radharaman Dutta, reimagined by Simon Thacker. Simon Thacker: classical guitar Raju das Baul: voice, khamak and ghunur (ankle bells) Sarvar Sabri: tabla The latest incarnation of award winning Indo-Western ensemble Simon Thacker's-Svara-Kanti sees Scotland's visionary guitarist/composer reimagine the mystical Bengali Baul folk tradition, one of India's spiritually and musically richest forms, in a trio with Raju Das Baul, a mesmerising exponent from the Baul heartland of Santiniketan, and tabla master Sarvar Sabri.