Audio Examples


By the power of ska! - studio recording, numerous live multi room recordings

Scuzzy bumping electro infused garage  rock, Deep meditative swamp blues, Dusty retro-futuristic pop - studio mixdown and master of artist's home recordings

Virtuosic classical Indian fusion - mobile recording with video

Lushly voiced singer songwriter - studio live recording

Super-soulful funk - studio live recording (all in one room)

Cheeky perky naughty indie - studio recording

Mesmerizing klezmer  - studio live recording (all in one room) 

Live ska caught in the wild! - live gig multitrack recording

Atmospheric soundtrack - collaborative composition

Fuzzed up bluesy acoustic slinkyness - mobile studio recording

Joyful African choir - ensemble recording

Tripped out sort of reggae  - remix

Tender and gritty acoustic and electric wonderousness - studio mixdown of home recording

Etherial mysterious melodic crunk - electronic music production/studio mixdown

Rock and roll, vintage style early 60s sound - all in one room live recording

Polished pop rock - studio recording

Singer/songerwriter - studio live recording,  a lovely voice and a guitar 

Psychedelic synth pop & expansive ambient - mobile and studio recording, numerous live recordings

Smooth jazz, and dramatic cello with piano - theatre soundtrack recording

Raw and nasty electro punk - studio mixdown

Electro swing hiphop - remix

Fluttery clear pop folk - studio recording

Classical recital - ensemble recording

Experimental dance rock - in studio collaborative composition 

Funky bassy techno - originals

Swampy bluesy 3 piece band - live gig multitrack recording

Cinematic classical soundtrack - score voicing, arrangement and mixdown

Electronic & acoustic experimentations - just mastering

Gentle jazz tinged downtempo - original

Futuristic hiphop & grimey bass music - originals 

Beasting radge & angry post hardcore/metal - studio recording

Funky bass music - remix



Excerpt from 'Virgins' by Diana Gabaldon, from the 'Dangerous Women' collection, edited by George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois

Excerpt from 'A Man In Three Moments' by Eve Thompson, winner of the 2013 Bridport prize for short stories.

Excerpt from 'WARP Book 2: The Hangman's Revolution' by Eoin Colfer.